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Rosalind's Siblings is a Lambda Literary Finalist ✨

Honestly, I can't quite believe it, and I keep checking the Lambda website to see if it will go away, but it hasn't yet. Rosalind's Siblings is a 2023 sci-fi and fantasy anthology about scientists, and it includes my trans online-dating-from-space story, "LDR." The anthology is a finalist in the LGBTQ+ anthology category.

Considering Rosalind's Siblings' long struggle to publication, I was just excited that I could hold it in my hands and people could read it. For it to receive this recognition is beyond amazing. I'm so happy for our amazing editor, Bogi Takács, to receive eir second Lammy nomination, and for the tireless team at Atthis Arts to receive recognition for their hard work as well. There's so many brilliant writers and brilliant stories here in this anthology, and I'm so happy to be among this fantastic group.

Rosalind's Siblings has also been recognized by Locus Magazine on their list of 2023 recommended reads and Locus also published a really nice review of us by Charles Payseur (which very kindly shouts out my story). You can also vote for us for the Locus Awards if you feel so inclined.

I hear we were also were included on the British Science Fiction Association Award's longlist, but I can't confirm because their page seems to be down. (Are they taking it back??)

If you haven't gotten a chance to get your copy of Rosalind's Siblings, now is the best time! We're finalists, baby!

In unrelated news, my main social media account since the Twitter collapse has undoubtedly been Cohost, a queer-run site that is like what if a Tumblr-like platform was built not for collecting internet points or feeding your soul to an algorithm but for... having a good time?? With cool people and cool posts?? I really like the community over there and have really enjoyed it. Check out my page and join if you like!


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