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Writer of Queer Science Fiction and Fantasy

Cameron Van Sant writes short fiction where the fantastic, the bizarre, and the ordinary collide. His stories prominently feature trans and queer characters who embark on the kinds of adventures straight and cis people have enjoyed for decades.


His fiction has been published in Clarkesworld MagazineLightspeed Magazine, Rosalind's Siblingstwo Queer Pack anthologies, and Capricious Magazine: The Gender Diverse Pronouns Issue, an anthology that was selected for the 2018 Otherwise Honor List. He has also written non-fiction about transgender issues for INTO Magazine and You&Me Magazine.

Cameron also works as an editor and a sensitivity reader for Salt & Sage Books. If you're interested in hiring him to read your work, request a consult at Salt & Sage!


Rosalind's Siblings

"I wouldn't be here if NASA hadn't reduced the required astronaut height for long-duration missions. I was 5'3", which meant the difference between feeding me long-term and a 6'0" cis pilot stud was millions of dollars. I was in. The right stuff indeed." 

Clarkesworld Magazine

"Light hits their face and Tristar’s sail unfurls. They wait for the starlight, for the photosynthesis, for the energy. There’s nothing. They turn their head to the light.
It’s not coming from a star. It’s coming from a whale."

Lightspeed Magazine

"Even though your creative fiction professor fawns over Joyce, you don’t understand the copy of Ulysses you checked out from the library, so you hide behind it while you stare at your classmate whose skin flickers..."


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