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New Story in "Queers Who Don't Quit" Anthology!

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

My story, "A Government-Sanctioned Marriage", is going to be published by Queer Pack in their Queers Who Don't Quit anthology, edited by G. Benson! This anthology showcases stories about LGBTQIA characters who pursue their goals and keep fighting in spite of obstacles. It will come out in 2020.

"A Government-Sanctioned Marriage" is about a society that lives on a space ship and 18-year-old residents of the space ship are married to their "best match" (according to who the ship's science says they're most attracted to). When Arzner (a cis man) is paired with another young man, Frances (a trans man), he's surprised to realize he's queer and even more surprised when his partner doesn't want to be married to him. Meanwhile, even before Arzner can figure out how he feels and if their relationship would work, Arzner's homophobic mom works to have their marriage annulled.

Queer Pack is the same publisher that published my story, "The Mermaid and the Pirate", in their Queerly Loving volume 2 anthology in 2018! I'm very excited to be working with them again (and with editor G. Benson!).

I'm really excited for my 2020 in publishing! As I've talked about in an earlier blog, I have a story coming out in Rosalind's Siblings, an SFF anthology about scientists, and it's also expected to come out in 2020. I also have another acceptance in the works that I'm hopeful I'll be able to talk about soon! 👀 I will post more blogs when release dates are announced!


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