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Pride Month Story Bundle + Updates on Forthcoming Stories

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Story Bundle: I have a story in the anthology, Capricious: The Gender Diverse Pronouns Issue, which came out a couple of years ago and went on to be placed on the Otherwise Honor List. It's a ground breaking SFF anthology that has stories that include gender pronouns other than he and she. It's special to me not just because it's so good (and it is) but because it was the first market to publish my fiction.

During June, you can buy it as part of a Pride Story Bundle! You can get it and three other queer ebooks and pay whatever you like! If you spend $15 or more, then you get a total of 11 books--that's a little over one dollar per book! (There's some legends in here--Melissa Scott! Andrea Hairston! Damn, this is good company!) You can also choose to donate some of the money to Rainbow Railroad, a queer charity that assists LGBT people escape persecution internationally! This deal is only available for June, so get it while you can!

My story is called "Phaser," and it's about a young queer who explores their gender identity by means of alien abduction.

Of course, if you just want the Capricious anthology and want to pay full price for it and/or want it in paperback, you can find purchase links here!

Forthcoming Stories: A while ago, I announced that I have stories coming out in two different anthologies: "LDR" in Rosalind's Siblings and "A Government-Sanctioned Marriage" in Queers Who Don't Quit. Rosalind's Siblings sadly has some coronavirus-related delays, but hopefully I'll have some news about it sooner than later! Queers Who Don't Quit, on the other hand, is trucking along, and I'm getting word that it might release sooner than later!

An aside: Black lives matter. I've been donating to organizations that support Black people in need, especially Black trans women. If you have the means, please join me in donating to these two organizations led by Black transgender women:

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